Atlas Fitness Tracker

I’ve recently been looking into getting a fitness tracker to help me keep track of calories burned and the duration of my workouts. I was looking into the Polar FT4 (around $65) and the Polar FT7 (around $75), both cheap enough that my parents might consider getting me one for my upcoming birthday! However, today I saw a post for the Atlas fitness tracker. It’s new (only available by pre-order) but it will not only calculate calories and duration but also identifies your exercise (so cool!), calculates the number of reps, and evaluates your form. Check it out here; there’s a cool video on how it works in real time. It also isn’t a super bulky “manish” watch, and doesn’t appear to require a chest strap! It runs for around $180 though, so not a cheap option. But it sounds really, really cool…and I kind of want it. Thoughts?


Atlas Fitness Tracker

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