Healthy Snack: Arctic Zero Mint Chocolate Cookie “Ice Cream”

I normally don’t have a big sweet tooth; I’m more of a crunchy, salty snacker. However, sometimes I just crave ice cream, cookies, the whole nine yards. But dairy ice cream usually gives me a stomach ache, besides being pretty unhealthy. I had recently seen Arctic Zero referenced on a blog as a healthy/dairy free alternative to ice cream, and was surprised to find it at Walmart! It is made with whey protein and is almost completely dairy free, and very low in sugar. Here’s the real wow factor…the ENTIRE PINT is 150 calories! Mind blown.

I decided to try the mint chocolate cookie flavor, but was a bit disappointed when I got home to see that there were no cookie bits in it! So I bought a box of 100 calorie Oreo packs which I figured I could crush and add to the Arctic Freeze. Tonight after the gym I finally tried it…I was not disappointed! I saw reviews that said it is best if you let it soften a bit (to a soft-serve like consistency) before eating, which was definitely a good tip, and once it was mixed with the Oreos it tasted like a guilty treat…for only 135 calories (1/4 of the pint with one 100 calorie pack). Now I’m excited to try the other flavors! Anyone have a suggestion of which to try next?


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