Paris: Day 6!

Can’t believe it’s Saturday already, which means it’s our last day in Forbach! We headed to Metz for the day, which is a city about 50 minutes from Forbach by train. It was a little busier than Forbach but still much less hectic than Paris, so we strolled around and went into the shops and a chocolate store. We then stopped to get lunch at a place known for their fondue. I decided to try beef fondue, while Rachael and Sam got cheese. The waiter told me that the beef was better “bloody”, so I settled for cooking it til about medium rare (that was all I could stomach!) For the fondue you are basically served about 2/3 lbs of beef cubes, which you then put on a long fork and cook in boiling hot oil with bouillon until it’s at your desired doneness. It’s served with a few different dipping sauces, and it came with potatoes and salad, so we were all very full after we finished! I tried a French beer from the region of Lorraine that was really good. The waiter talked with Rachael in French about what she’s doing in Forbach, and he ended up bringing us over shots (and one for himself as well) of a local liquor made of mirabelle plums!


We then continued our sightseeing by going to the cathedrale de Metz, which was definitely the most impressive church I’ve seen so far! The ceilings were massive and the stained glass was beautiful and very intricate; the pictures don’t do it justice. You can also see evidence of shrapnel that hit the outside of the church, since it was used as a stronghold during world war 2. We also walked around by the river and saw some other sights around town before heading back to Forbach.


When we got back to Forbach, we stopped at the grocery store to grab some food to make dinner. We also had to finish a lot of food left at Rachael’s apartment! We decided to make pasta with red tomato and pesto sauce, a salad with balsamic vinaigrette, and then have store bought tiramisu for dessert. And of course wine! We had a great last night in Forbach and are ready to head back to Paris the next day!







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